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Nothing OS 1.5 (powered by Android 13)

Nothing OS 1.5 (powered by Android 13)

Our perfected Nothing OS just got more perfect. 

Nothing OS 1.5 is here. Powered by Android 13, it promises a smoother, more secure user experience. With exciting new custom features, just for Nothing. 

To deliver the most perfected update yet, we’re in the process of Beta testing. Here’s what the current version offers:New weather app with custom Nothing UI.

  • Up to 50% increase in app loading speed.
  • More Material You. More colour schemes available for matching third party apps to wallpaper.
  • Multi-language support that allows different languages for different apps.
  • Privacy upgrades. Including:
    • Photo picker. Choose which images you want to share with each app. 
    • Notification permissions. Control which apps can send you notifications.
    • Media permissions. Group the types of media you want to share e.g., photos and videos, music and audio, files. 
  • New QR code scanner in Quick Settings.
  • Clipboard preview: copied text appears on clipboard in the bottom corner of the screen. So you can directly edit the text before pasting.
  • New look for Media Control.
  • Foreground services. Close active background apps directly from the notification centre to save battery. 
  • Live caption: detects speech on your device and automatically generates captions.
  • Increased background memory. Reducing the wait for frequently used apps to load.
  • New self-repair feature that keeps Phone (1) running like it’s new. By clearing unused cache and expired system dumps.
  • Improved Quick Settings. Featuring new network and Bluetooth device pop-ups.
  • New UI for volume control. Easily adjust individual volume sliders without unlocking the screen (e.g. music vs alarm).
  • Improved Game Mode. New UI for light notifications and added Google Game Dashboard. Dashboard supports screenshots, screen recording, FPS display, and Do Not Disturb.

And there’s so much more to come. Nothing OS 1.5 will officially launch early 2023. Until then, we’ll be listening to your feedback and consistently improving. 

Stay tuned for the next update. We promise it’s going to be worth the wait.

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The Nothing Team